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  • Reflexionz – Annual College Event

    College festivals are the most effective way of bringing youth under the same platform .REFLEXIONZ is an inter collegiate fest organized by students . This event has consistently been successful in cultivating as well as refining the attitude, skill and knowledge of all students. Reflexionz Festival has something for everyone. Ranging from various management games like, Beat the clock Ad-Mad, Business Quiz, 1...2...3 sold, Eggs can Fly, Ranbhoomi Richie Rich and many more. This festival boasts of unique creativity, passion and vibrancy. REFLEXIONZ, the annual inter college cultural festival invokes passion and enthusiasm from students who relentlessly work to showcase their creative skills in dance, music, art, oratory and literary events to win the much coveted REFLEXIONZ shield.

  • Annual sports

    Annual Sports week is the main source to inculcate sportsmanship in Annual Sports Week is the main source to inculcate sportsmanship in students of KCIMS. The college has a large playground ready for various outdoor sports activities like cricket, volley ball, kho-kho. Along with this students also get chance to prove themselves in indoor sports like chess, carom, table tennis which is operated under the guidance of sports committee and senior professors and students coordinators.

  • Industrial Visits

    As a part of the curriculum, the students are required to undertake Industrial Visits to a few industries of repute for practical exposure and insights to the real working environment. Industry visits sensitize students to the practical challenges that organizations face in the business world. Industrial visits also give greater clarity about various management concepts for students as they can practically see how these concepts are put into action. It provides exposure to students at a level which enables them to learn the cross cultural management practices, comparative analysis of the business phenomenon and opportunities in various industries. These visits act as a catalyst for students to acquire practical insights of the real-time business environment. The motive is to provide the students with a right blend of theoretical learning and an opportunity to witness how those concepts are utilized in the practical environment. The visits provide an excellent opportunity for the students to comprehend the complexities faced by the organizations in various stages and the implications that decisions have. It also brings a dimension to students' education, which they cannot gain in the classroom as well as helping to make connections between the different aspects of their educational experience. Industrial visits were conducted at Goa, Silvasa, Simla-Chandigarh, Rajasthan so on so forth.

    Companies that were visited by students are as follows:-

    3. PARLE –G

  • Guest Lectures

    Guest lectures are an integral part of the pedagogy of MMS. Corporate head-honchos as well as doyens from the academia are invited to share their valuable insights from their rich experience about contemporary business issues, the challenges they are faced with and how they dealt with them. These sessions serve as the ideal platform for the students to supplement their theoretical knowledge with first hand perspectives from some of the stalwarts of the industry and also appreciate the different dimensions of handling modern day business challenges.

    Seminars, guest lectures are organized from time to time by inviting enlightened professionals from industries and other institutes of international repute. The objective of these programs is to acquaint the students with the skills required for better career & personality.

    At K.C.College of Engineering & Management Studies & Research, emphasis is given on not only making you academically brilliant, but true leaders and team players, thus preparing you for the real life corporate world. This is done by inviting people from industries and top institutions to provide valuable information to our students.

    Guest lecture on “ Overview of IT operations in the Banking Sector in India & call of the hour for management graduates” – 17th OCT 2013
    SPEAKER:- Mr. ASHWINI KUMAR SHARMA (Ex – Dy.Managing director SBI)

    Guest lecture on “ Overview of insurance sector in India” – 21st FEB 2013
    SPEAKER:- Mrs. Rathika (Vice President – Techno Marketing for alliance insurance Brokers Ltd)

    Guest lecture on “ Petroleum Products & its effect on world & Indian economy ” – 22nd SEPT 2012
    SPEAKER:- Mr. Rajiv Sood (G.M –Reliance Petroleum)

    Guest lecture on “ Petroleum Products & its effect on world & Indian economy ” – 15th JAN 2012
    SPEAKER:- Mr. Rajiv Sood (G.M –Reliance Petroleum)

    Guest lecture on “ Indian & global perspective of retail business ”- 24th SEPT 2011
    SPEAKER:-Dr Raja Roy Choudhary

    Guest lecture on “ Selling is a key tool to marketing”- 19th MAR 2011
    SPEAKER:- Mr. Puru Gupta (CEO Healthy world, Ex project manager marketing & strategy planning, Gillette, Procter & Gamble


    Attending an industry conference or seminar is one of the best things you can do for the future of your business, yet many professionals within the industry ignore these valuable resources every year .These conferences are designed to give you a plethora of usable content on a variety of relevant subjects, and will be sure to keep you up-to-date with the latest changes that are occurring within the industry – which we all know happens on almost a daily basis now –a – days.

    Benefits of attending a Conference or Seminar:-
    1. Learn new information from presenters
    2. Networking with new people within your field.
    3. The ability to share your ideas and get immediate feedback from credible individuals.
    4. Enables you to evaluate the latest technologies that can potentially help grow your business.
    5. Lets you locate possible investors for your business.
    6. Lets you buy new products or services that are usually at market – down prices specifically for the event.
    7. Get answers to your business questions and challenges from credible individuals.
    8. Collecting of presentation materials to take home with you for later reference and study.
    9. Learning of free resources you can try.
    10. Learning about facts and statistics that will help you to better understand the market and industry.
    11. Allows you to increase your email lists and lead generation by receiving other people’s business cards.
    12. Allows you to build traffic to your website by passing out your business cards or brochures.

    List of Seminars & Conferences attended:-

    Dr V.M.Handa (Director) attended a Conference on Pedagogy of Indian & U.K Universities at UBS, Karjat which is running a PG & Graduate programme at their campus as a Joint Venture with Cardiff University of U.K in the year 2013.

    Dr V.M.Handa (Director) attended a Conference on Awareness cum Intensive motivational campaign for entrepreneurial Development at Rivera School of Management, Kharghar on 9/3/2013.

    Prof Isha Namjoshi & Prof Mahesh Sivaramakrishnan attended a seminar on Case Study Analysis by Dr Ketan Gandhi at K.C.College of Engineering and Management Studies and Research on 28th September 2013.

    First year students of Batch 2012 attended a National level Seminar on Economic Reforms conducted by K.B College on 25th August 2012.

    FDP’s (Faculty Development Programme)

    Faculty development refers to that broad range of activities which institutions use to renew or assist faculty in their many roles. It is a planned programme to prepare institutions and faculty members for their academic roles and to strengthen an individual’s knowledge and skills in the areas of Teaching, Counselling, Research and administration .The goal of faculty development is to orient faculty members towards the skill relevant to their institutional setting and Faculty position, and to sustain their vitality both now and in the future.

    Evidently, Faculty development has become an increasingly important component of Management education. Understanding these needs, several Staff development activities have been planned and designed to enhance teaching effectiveness at all levels of the education continuum.

    Certain activities conducted at a glance:-
    • National workshop on Research Methodology by SPSS -14th Sept 2010.
    • Faculty development programme on 28th September 2013 for faculty & industrial delegates on Case
       Study Analysis by Dr Ketan Gandhi

  • Student Council

    Academic cell of K.C.I.M.S is looking after coordinating various academic activities like orientation, board of studies , organizing tutorials, e-primer to name a few. It comprises of junior and senior students who work under academic department. The objective of academic cell in K.C.I.M.S is to achieve academic excellence with the help of matching the industry requirement with academic syllabus.

    Alumni Cell aims at generating and maintaining an effective alumni network. We try to reach out to the alumni and keep them connected to the alma-mater through mediums like alumni meets, guest lectures, seminars and newsletters.

    Events Cell is the nervous system of the college when it comes to events and activities on and off campus. Whether it is organizing the cultural fest or hosting business seminars, the events cell makes sure that the lives of students are filled with fun and entertainment. To sum it up we make sure students enjoy their MBA and remember their college days in best of their memories. So whenever you need a doze of fun just ring the bell and you will see the events cell at work.

    Placement Cell coordinates all placement activities and helps guide their batch mates for successful career placements. It acts as an interface between the academic program of the students and their entry into the corporate world

    The purpose of the Sports cell is to inculcate the spirit of sportsmanship amongst student managers. The cell conducts various sporting events for student managers, faculty and staff. SIMS students have won many laurels at inter institute, national and international events

  • LIVE Projects

    LIVE Projects to make our Students Corporate Ready

    » Live Project assigned to First year students of MMS to conduct Research on Cooperative Retail Stores – ;Batch 2010-12

    » 3 days Selling experience at Big Bazaar to sell their Payback cards.-Batch 2011-13

    » Live Project to student to sell and promote Aatmajyot copies (B2B & B2B), whereby students garnered a ;revenue of Rs.7700/- Batch 2012-14.

    » Live Project assigned to Marketing specialization students SEM III to study Mall management - Batch 2012-14.

    » Live Project assigned to Final semester students under Service Marketing to study the designing of the marketing mix

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