Chairperson’s Message – Dr.Harssh Khanna
Diversity is the challenge in the Indian context, In a vast country like India, everybody thinks, there is an enormous scope for expansion in almost every field that is indispensable for any social change. For transformation, education has invariably been considered as an important vehicle for social change. The K.C.College of Engineering &Management Studies & Research is the crystallization of our efforts and beliefs to provide society with well-rounded and qualified facilitators. Since its inception this institute has been known for its unflagging zeal of excellence in education and ethics. Education being a crucial input in the process for all active stakeholders in the functioning of the country.

The youth of today have a lot of promise and potential that needs to be converted into action for smooth progress. We believe in “Empowering Minds to Achieve Excellence”, we do all, it takes to provide the best of learning ambience, proficient faculty members, advanced method of learning and all modern facilities. Our mission is to encourage students to develop confidence, self-motivation, research and problem solving skill sets and importantly to think independently. The demand for qualified managers and advisors is steadily increasing as the corporate have become increasingly conscious of their social responsibility and public image; hence leadership has become more crucial than ever before. The values that the leaders of today will have to personify are integrity and strength, the institute strive to create and nurture leaders in the field of management and entrepreneurship to keep pace with the growing demand for skilled professional in the global corporate world, and this help them broaden their vision and to achieve their potentials.

It is our founder Late Shri. K. C. Khanna’s dream to see the youth trend of this nation on the path of progress by using the power of knowledge as their strongest tool, the institute has global vision with local initiatives (glocal) to which we are committed.
Managing Director’s Message – Mr.Sai Kiran Khanna
My dear Students,

At the outset, I wish to thank you for your interest in joining this institution and I welcome you to our portals. As being young, I am fully aware of the aspirations and hopes of the youngsters. I deem it an honour to be at the helm of an institution that helps so many youth like you to achieve their heart's desire in entering the vocation of their choice. I wish to assure you that our predominant aim is to ensure that you build the foundation of your successful career in this institution.

Modern education is all about preparing for the future. In this I am referring to educational standards that are in vogue all over the world. And with our country launching itself into the globalization process, it is quite likely that many of you will rub shoulders with the academic cream of the world and will find yourselves competing with the best among the best. In such a scenario, the realization is clear that the precious years immediately ahead need to be concentrated with productive activity. Every minute needs to be planned and accounted for. Every hour must be programmed to contribute to your preparation for the arduous but glorious days ahead. Each drop of sweat and each step of effort go towards conditioning you in every manner in order that you may surge ahead of others.

At this point of time, I wish to reiterate two points the first being that in the light of what I have just mentioned, the institution will do all in its capacity to bring out the best in you. The second is that on your part, we would like you to supplement the efforts of the management by co-operating in its overall plan to establish the highest standards of academic excellence.

I look forward to greet you.

Mr. Sai Kiran Khanna

Message from the CEO’ desk - Dr. H. S. Cheema
I am experiencing surge complex emotions while writing this message to you. It makes me really proud to send this message to my promising management minds who really work very hard to make themselves best so that they can ably handle the challenges of the new millennium.

But at the back of my mind what overwhelm me is the complex challenges of this new millennium, especially for management students. The pace of technological development is so fast that what is new today becomes obsolete the next day. The knowledge horizon has widened so much that there is an inevitable synthesis of different streams. You are no more just a Management Student but a part of a completely complex social system that demands your management expertise to be all inclusive.

Here lies the real challenge. You can no more work in isolation but you have to work, invent, innovate and create in a larger context now. Now you are not just a management student but a multitasking and multidimensional individual who has to go along with so many entities to achieve a holistic growth; a growth that is inclusive and not exclusive. This is the demand of the present millennium. By being exclusive, we have caused a grave damage to our eco system; we have played havoc with our social structure. There was a mad rush after mindless irresponsible growth.

Today I want you awake to the new reality; the new reality of holistic and inclusive growth. Growth that is healthy. We cannot create to kill but we have work to build. You cannot grow at the cost of others’ lives but you have to lead the life of co-existence. As an management student, you will have to be an entrepreneur, an economist, an environmentalist and a socialist who works responsibly to contribute to each of these areas. Only then and then we can build a society where we can all coexist peacefully, help each other to survive and grow. This is the only way we can build a healthy society around us, a nation of healthy growth and a world of peaceful co-existence. These are my genuine feelings that I have communicated to you. This is how I see the world and this is the stark reality of the moment.

I am proud of you as promising young citizens of our nation. You are our hope for tomorrow. In your success lies the future of the nation. Never ever waver from the righteous path. Success founded on unethical base always comes to a tragic end. We have hundreds and thousands of examples of unethical enterprises coming to a tragic end.

So, cheer up young enterprising young men. All the best to you for a bright future of tomorrow.